The Universe

{“...Our universe started evolving and expanding thousands of years ago, following the Great Discovery. “Khaos” was arranged by the light...}”


{“...The place and role of our planet in this galaxy and the universe is observed by the scientists, and they’ve found indications about the secret harmony of the universe. Observations revealed that chaos transforms into order, that matter and energy is identical, and that chaos follows a path that is preplanned. An explosion of light in the dark of time: That’s what the root and cosmogony of the universe is. Humanity is searching for the truth and the creative force of God with their pursuit of information. The search for truth is actually to search for, and try to depict, the self-universe within humanity under the leadership of intelligence and science. The universe is not stagnant; it has a dynamic structure, and it’s ever growing. It’s cooling down, becoming thinner and refined, and turning simple structures into more complex ones. It’s transforming the ”plain” into the ”complex”. The history of the universe is the history of the matter that is ever-building...”}


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