Mastery: A Project's ability to wield their powers. The higher the number, the better control the Project has over their Ability. It must be noted that Wisdom may influence Mastery or vice versa. To acquire high Mastery, projects need to have experience in using their abilities. Usually, simple training does not suffice. No matter how much a project trains themselves, without proper guidance or experience, they will not get far. Mastery may influence Tricks as well! You can't be a good mind manipulator if you can't even control your own ability! You can create things on a complex scale if you can't even activate your ability! It is okay to have Wisdom 2 levels lower than Mastery but not lower than that! 0.0 Human May not be able to activate their abilities at all. 0.5 Beginner The Beginners have minimal control over their abilities. They have difficulties performing even the easiest skills. May not be able to activate their abilities or when they are active, they have close to 0 control of them. They are so incapable of controlling their abilities and that may cause self-harm. 2.0 Novice The Novices have a 50-50 percent chance of activating their abilities. They have great difficulties performing even medium difficulty skills. Easy skills can be handled but not without struggles. At times, their abilities can even cause self-harm. 3.0 Average The Averagers are able to control easy-to-manipulate skills. They are able to activate their abilities, but not without struggles at times. Medium-difficulty skills are controllable but of course, there are chances of them losing control of their abilities completely. 4.0 Progressive The Progressives are able to control medium difficulty skills, they may struggle at times but there is a lesser chance that they may lose control over their abilities. They are able to activate their abilities quite easily. 5.0 Advanced The Advanced can easily use easy to medium skills. They have strong control over their abilities. May struggle with difficult to use skills. They can easily activate their abilities. Difficult skills are controllable but there is a chance of failure presence, nonetheless. 6.5 Expert Experts in using their abilities, these projects are at the blink of fully understanding their abilities but are far from obtaining what truly makes them powerful. These Experts still have many things to discover about their abilities. As for their control of them, they are capable of handling difficult skills, however not on such a precise level such as the prodigies and higher. 7.5 Prodigy Prodigies in handling their abilities. At the blink of grasping the full concept of their powers and close to obtaining what truly makes them powerful. They can easily handle skills in which advanced or expert projects may struggle with. They're capable of manipulating their abilities on small scale but not as precise as the masters and those with absolute control over their powers. The prodigies still have yet, many things to discover about their abilities. 8.5 Master Projects are the master of their abilities. They wield their power as they were extensions of their bodies. When using their abilities, they have full control and this does not waver even if their emotions are not stable. They have a full sense of ''touch'' when it comes to their abilities and can even control them in a way that even harmful or offensive abilities do not damage their allies. This is because they are so intuned with their abilities on such a small scale that they're able to manipulate them to not touch those they do not wish harm upon even when it appears to be to the naked eyes. Projects who have mastered their abilities are close to having absolute control of them, however, they still have to reach their abilities' full potential to obtain this level of control. 9.5 Absolute Projects have absolute control and maximum knowledge of their ability. These projects are capable of wielding their abilities to their full potential and are even capable of manipulating their abilities on the tiniest scale. Their abilities are extensions of themselves. Projects with absolute control over their abilities are capable of wielding their power to the absolute scale even when under the influence of powerful substances or emotions. To obtain absolute Mastery, Projects must first reach their abilities' full potential.