Phanes Energy

Phanes: {“You scattered the dark mist that lay before your eyes and, flapping your wings, you whirled about, and throughout this world, you brought pure light. For this, I call you Phanes.”} Phanes (Fhaen(e)s - The E is silent), The Flow of Life, the home of souls. When a person lives, it is its own individual but when they die, their energy or their “Souls” return to the great flow of Phanes. It is where all different fragments of energy meet and merge into one. That is Phanes. The stream of life. The Rift of Phanes, The Great Rift is where fragmented energies from living beings cross to the flow of life, Phanes. While in this state, the individual energy still retains their individuality, their power, their “soul”, their being from the life they had before. Phanes is a source of all energy that exists within all living and non-living things in this universe. Not just this in this world but in many fragmented worlds the humans have yet to discover. Once fragmented energy returns to Phanes, they become its energy. They become all that is one. Children of Phanes are Children who are blessed by Phanes. The Projects are what was once known as humans, they are beings who have harness the power of Phanes to use at their disposal, albeit they must follow the Law of Phanes. If the Law is broken, they will become the fallen - The Sapros. The Cursed Children. Those who survive this curse are called “The Calamity.”

The Law of Phanes

The Law of Phanes: Phanes first created Earth then came nature, its habitants, the animals then the beings we called “the humans.” That is the first law of Phanes. The law of Nature. Everything that we consider as “normal” Then came thee opening the path to humanity. Phanes flowed through space, gracing life with it's divine light. The second law of Phanes was created. The law of Divinity. All that is beyond a human's comprehension. The law that 'breaks' the first. Phanes' second law permits projects to break the law of nature itself, by giving projects its energy, they are able to change it into anything they desire. This though, is only possible upon activation of their ability. Once their power is deactivated, the law of nature returns to it's normal “state“


While this world does divert a lot into the ”magical” realm, The Origin still has its laws. The principle law of conversion, coding and decoding allows projects to convert ”Phanes Energy” into ”Energy” which is later used to fuel their abilities and furthermore acquire power from their surrounding ”element”, this process to convert elements into energy is called ”decoding”. When a Project is born, they're born with a ”code” in their genes which allows them to use their ability inherited from their Creators (Parents). These codes are the key to unlocking Phanes' power, without them, a Project can not use their power. In a way, you can say a project's body is the key to unlocking supernatural power.