Stamina In The Origin

In this world, Phanes Energy is ever present as such a Project's body will always draw energy from it. However, Projects are limited by their body's capability to convert Phanes Energy into power. If the Project's body is incapable, regardless if Phanes Energy resides within them, they will be unable to access their power.


Simpler explanation: Stamina is the body. Project needs the body to use ability because without body, no power. (Yw)

Stamina In Combat

When in Combat, Stamina is used to track the Character's capability to use their Abilities. Usage of  Ability naturally depletes the User of Stamina.  This does not regenerate unless a User has rested or consumes items that restores Stamina. So always keep that in mind when using your Character's abilities!

Stamina In Role-play

Since there are different types of Role-plays, we use what we call "Stamina Trackers" to (obviously) track the Character's Stamina usage as role-plays can occur simultaneously in real-time.


Stamina Trackers:

  • Chapter Role-play: StaminaC
  • Residential Role-play: StaminaR  
  • Zone Role-play: StaminaZ
  • Event Role-play: StaminaE
  • Mission Role-play: StaminaM
  • Custom Role-play: StaminaT
  • Private Role-play: StaminaP


You must always run this command to consume Stamina when using abilities.

Command: 'use {Stamina Tracker} {amount}



'use StaminaC 1000

💬 Character used 1000 Stamina in Chapter Role-play.

Stamina Consumption

Every ability has applications, those are what we call "Skills" and every Skill consumes Stamina by Default. 


Default Stamina Consumption by Level:

  • Level 1 Stat = 1000
  • Level 2 Stat = 2000
  • Level 3 Stat = 3000
  • Level 4 Stat = 4000
  • Level 5 Stat = 5000
  • Level 6 Stat = 6000
  • Level 7 Stat = 7000
  • Level 8 Stat = 8000
  • Level 9 Stat = 9000
  • Level 10 Stat = 10000




Skill: 1 | 1000

💬 Skill in Power Stat at Level 1 consumes 1000 Stamina peruse. 

Duration Consumption:

Skills with Duration consume an additional Stamina cost of 1% of Skill Stamina Consumption per minute (In Role-play Time)




Skill: 1 | 1000 | 10

💬 Skill in Power Stat at Level 1 consumes 1000 Stamina peruse and an additional 10 Stamina per minute used.

Things To Note

  • Staffs will only update character's Stamina if the amount added is 1000 or above.
  • Characters cannot have the same Max Stamina as the Stamina they consume with their Skill. Remember, your Character will die if they consume all of their Stamina.

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