There are three known types of Projects in this world. Type I: Projects with elemental codes, meaning that their codes resonate with their Elements, allowing them to “decode“ these elements into Energy they once were, since Phanes is everything and everything is Phanes. This decoded energy can later be used to fuel a project's body. Projects of this type are powerful and often they will grow to become Gammas, Betas and even Alphas due to the nature of their powers, it is often why most Betas are “Elementalists“, a few examples would be The Guardians. A fire manipulator is able to consume fire by first 'decoding' it into Energy then absorbing/storing/consuming it into their body. Take note that in order to consume an Element, the Project must first “decode“ the Energy. The Project can not consume raw fire. Decoding is the only way a Project can consume their Element. Type I Traits: Capable of controlling their elements. Capable of using their element to restore their stamina. Capable of creating their own element without needing their element as a source. [Requires Mastery 3: Unstable creation] [Requires Mastery 5: Stable creation] Capable of projecting their energy outward. Capable of healing from elements. Certain sensory skills do not cost Stamina or ability activation as their elements already exist in the world, they can detect them.  Type II: Despite Type II consisting of those with ”Unique” Abilities, they are more common than Type I. This is because over the years, Projects have developed their Abilities to ”reflect”, ”represent” or to ”suit” fighting styles. These characteristics are added to their abilities, giving them a unique effect of their own and while this creates a variety Abilities, these abilities are no longer ”True” or ”Pure” to their elements. It is why projects of Type II do not possess the ability to decode elements because their ”codes” have changed in too many ways. It is like a key that has been bent and reshaped, while it looks unique in it's right, it can no longer open the gate to it's home. Type II Traits: Capable of converting Phanes into Unique Energy with additional effects. Unique energy with additional effects. [Up to 3 Effects] Capable of projecting energy outward. Incapable of decoding elements/use elements to restore stamina. Most sensory skills require ability activation and sensory activation. Type III: These are Projects with powerful physical attributes. Their powers directly affects their bodies and just like Type II, they do not possess the power to 'decode' an Element. Out of every type of projects, this type is the closest at risk to becoming Omicrons as many of these Projects are capable of enhancing their physics to the breaking point or even further. A great example would be Scylla, with her ability to change her form and even ”recode” her own genetics, a rare feat, she can be labelled as an Omicron, a Sapros and even a Calamity. Although it is speculated that she may soon pass due to the restrain her power has had on her body. This is not uncommon though as projects of this type are known to not live a long life, barely capable of surpassing hundreds of years of age while other powerful projects of different types are capable of living over thousands of years. Type III Traits: Capable of self-enhancement beyond normal and superprojects' capability. Complete body transformation or body enhancement. Strong resemblance to Omicrons during their transformation. Stronger default physical capabilities than normal projects, are super projects by default. Incapable of projecting energy outward. Incapable of enhancing others through normal methods.


Type 2 will have 1 unique effect of their ability and 2 additional effects. Explain types better.

Type 3s energy does not project outward, it resides within. They can will their power at ease, taking little to no time to summon their inner strength. It is why this type is rare and dangerous. Their inner monsters resemble omicrons

Add elemental transformation for type 1

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