To Revenant

❓: I'm a journalist. Yes, the most hated job out of all the hated jobs on this planet. Projects just don't like other projects snooping around in their businesses. But regardless of what they think, I take pride in what I do and that's all that matters! Besides, I'm a professional investigator, not a snooper! I just.... happen to... occasionally be spying on them.

🎬 Time Skip

❓: So the next place to investigate on my list is... The Revenant. I swear, I don't get paid enough for this. This is one of the place where, no one and I repeat, no one, wants to go to. I don't know how people even live there. It's such a bizarre place.

🎬 Time Skip

❓: I stepped out of the sea cruiser, because I couldn't afford to ride a sky car, it's too expensive for my minimum salary budget. I desperately need a raise. I should demand one after I investigate this place. Anyhow, I got out of the cruiser and strolled around a bit, and I'm starting to see a pattern here. The buildings are made of stones, not just any stone, they were all carved with strange symbols I couldn't read and that to me, stung. I just so happen to take pride in my readings of projects and human languages, even symbols! When I asked the locals about them, they said that the stones and the carvings are meant to ward off the evil. That had my interest but when I pressed further for information, all the locals avoided speaking of it, as if it was a plague, as if I had asked them to make the worst insult to Zef. I'll get to the bottom of this.

🎬 Time Skip

❓: That night I slept at a normal Motel, with a normal room, which was surprisingly difficult to find. Every building here is made of those stones! Not just their homes! The office, the factories, the supermarkets even the hotels! No, thank you. I prefer sleeping in a normal room, I have stonephobia.

🎬 Time Skip

❓: The next day I went to ask the locals where they got the stones. *That* was the only question they were willing to answer me. Perhaps the project who made these will be willing to tell me more about this stone addiction this region seems to have. It's not just the place that I'm staying at, it's everywhere on this region.

🎬 Time Skip

❓: I'm standing in front of a shop... at least I think it's a shop, everything is made of stones here, it's difficult to tell buildings apart. I entered the 'shop' and I see an old female with white hair dressed in fine clothes, it's black. Everyone seems to wear black around here. Are they preparing for someone's funeral?

"Do you work here?"

❓: I asked the female. She turned towards me and gives me a side eye and walks away.


❓: She still didn't answer me. Instead, she threw a stone at me. A stone necklace, with the carvings. I threw it back. I have stone-necklace-with-carvings-phobia now.

"Hello? Do you speak Archaios? The *only* project language in the world? Do you speak at all?"

❓: The female still doesn't answer me, instead she points at the necklace and make a gesture using her arm around her neck. I guess she's telling me to wear the damn necklace, or she's not telling me anything. For the sake of my job, I put the cursed thing on.

"Happy now? Can you talk to me now that I've decorated myself with this... rock?"

❓: The female looks me up and down, her face like a stone, no pun intended.

"You're cursed. You must leave this land before the next moon cycle. Take the necklace and don't take it off. It will keep you safe."

❓: Safe from what? I didn't ask that question. I remained silent, hoping she would continue. She didn't. The female just went on her mary way as if she hadn't told me that I'm somehow cursed and I have to leave this place before the next moon cycle or something bad will happy, I'm assuming.

"Oh no."

❓: I dashed. Instantly I was behind her. She didn't sense me so I'm assuming she's of a low dynamic. I gripped her shoulder and spun the female around so abruptly she stumbled over. I looked at her forehead which was illuminating a theta mark. As I thought. She's one of *those.*

"Look, you're going to answer me or I'll-"

❓: Before I could finish, a strong energy coursed through me and I was pushed out of that building. Me, a Delta. She couldn't possibly have done that so what- I got back on my feet and I would have gone back inside to confront the female but something kept me from going there. A feeling. I felt like I was being watched. The female stepped out of the house and behind her, I see a shadow with red eyes, just looking at me.

"Leave. You're not welcome here."

❓: She said and strangely, my body began to move on it's own accord. I could turn my head though, and I see that the shadow is still staring right at me. Right into my soul.

🎬 Time Skip


❓: That night I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned and kept tossing. I turned to my side and the necklace the female had given me fell just next to my cheek. I grabbed the thing and threw it away. That female! How dare she! She's just a theta. Frustrated, I turned on my side and willed myself to sleep.

🎬 Time Skip

"You'll be okay. I'll always be here for you."

❓: I opened my eyes and I see this female sitting next to a large shadow. The same shadow as I saw in that shop. I couldn't see what it was so I tried to get closer but it vanished...

🎬 Time Skip

"Why did you kill us?"

❓: I opened my eyes to find a ceiling. It was just a dream. I got out of bed and opened the door to the hallway to find... projects or even humans on the floor... bleeding or... dead?

🎬 Time Skip

"Come back."

❓: I opened my eyes and sprung out of bed. I must be going crazy. What was that dream? With a racing heart, I opened the hallway to check if everything was normal and it was. Still I gave myself a hard slap. It hurt. So I'm not dreaming. Great.

🎬 Time Skip

"Come back."

❓: I walked through the busy market. Any place with people around. I'm sure that I'm safe as long as I'm not alone.

🎬 Time Skip

"Wanna play hide and seek?"

❓: I'm starting to hear voices. I hear voices. It won't stop...

🎬 Time Skip

"Help! Help!"

❓: Ahead I see two projects in a brawl, projects fighting wasn't uncommon so I turned away and went to the fruit stall. Suddenly, there was a loud scream, a project child rushes towards me and points at a male. It was one of the two males I saw fighting earlier, but he was on top of him and he kept stabbing and stabbing the male over and over again.

"Mommy! Mommy! He's killing daddy!"

❓: ....Mommy?

🎬 Time Skip

"Miss? Hello?"

❓: I look at the stall owner waving a hand in front of me. Not again...

"Stay with us!"

🎬 Time Skip

"No no no...."

❓: I woke up at night and there it is again. The memory... But this time. *I* was the female. A side glance and I could see it. It's a massive black scaled creature that resembled something from long ago, a mythical being that once loomed over the sky of The Revenant. Now, it's nothing but a myth. Warm liquid trickled down my fingertips. And I could feel... I could actually feel it. The female was holding onto the creature. No, *I'm* holding onto the creature. I tried to look up but I couldn't. I couldn't see. The woman's head... Or... My head was pressed against its body. I could hear it though. It's heart beat.

🎬 Time Skip

"Come back."

❓: I'm on my feet again... I'm running...

🎬 Time Skip

"We'll be together forever."

❓: I blinked and the next thing I know, I'm standing on top of a cliff ready to just throw myself over. Just a hair away from death's door. I need to get out of this land. The female was right. I should have listened. There's something very wrong here. I don't even know if this is reality or a memory of someone else. Memories...? I'm losing my mind.

🎬 Time Skip

"There's no escape~"

❓: I'm supposed to meet up with a friend today, he arranged a trip home for me. Home...? Where is home?

🎬 Time Skip

❓: I'm in a car, driving to the harbor. At least, I remember being in a car. But I'm standing in front of a temple made for something large, judging by the size of the entrance.There is something staring right at me at top of the temple. Its red eyes just piercing into my soul, leaving a wound there that will never heal. I'm shivering, out of fear and coldness. My body feels cold... In my mind, I'm screaming at myself to run, to get away from this place but my feet takes me up the steps. To the monster. I have a white dress on now. That's all I could see for the moment. My body is getting colder and I'm trembling hard. My teeth clattering together like a festive drum. Finally I reached the top and I wish I hadn't. Before me was the female from my... Visions... Except this time, she's holding... My head. I somehow regained control over my body and I spun around as fast as I could and bolted out of there. In the distance, I see myself running down the steps. I'm not... There... And that's not *me.* I glanced down at the puddle just beneath my feet and I see my reflection. I'm the monster... I must be losing my mind. This isn't me. This isn't real. I closed my eyes and wished for all of this to end. I opened my eyes and once again, I'm standing at the bottom of the temple. This time though, I was not alone. I see corpses littering the temple ground, people coming in and out, they were taking pictures of something and as I look up, I know what that something was.

It's me.

I'm dead.

"Welcome~ To The Revenant."