Role-play Guideline

So Good To See You!

As mentioned in the General Guideline, Role-play takes place on Discord.

There are different types of role-play in the server and we'll start by listing and explaining each of them. Also, if you can't find the answer you're looking for, you can check in the role-play channel's description as well, as information on Discord may be missing on the website.  

Types of Profiles

Before we can can dive further into the role-play, you first need to know about the character profiles and what each of them are used for as they will be mentioned later on in the explanation.

Your character will have 3 profiles.

  • Main Profile.
  • Stat Profile.
  • Role-play Profile.

A Brief Mention

We role-play by assuming our character(s). These characters have their own profiles and you will receive them too once your profile has been verified!


You can assume your character by using the 'c assume {character name} command and unassume by using the 'c unassume {character name}.

Back To Main Profile

This is your character's main profile. It is where they will receive their salary and rewards from role-plays. It contains basic information about your character such as their name, age, gender, weight, height and so on. 

You can view this profile by using the command 'c {character name}


This profile has it's own inventory. It is where items your character acquires are put.

You can also view it's inventory by using the 'ci {'c character name} command.

Stat Profile

This is where you can find your character's Stats. You can use this profile to keep track of your character's progression, levels, their skills, stamina, etc.


You can view this profile by using the command 'c {character name}S

Role-play Profile

This is the profile you will assume to role-play, hence it's name. 😂 We separate this profile from the other due to the Stamina System that we use. It helps keep track of how much Stamina your character currently has. You can read more about this in the Stamina page.

Back To Role-play Types

 There are 7 types of Role-plays. 


  • Chapter Role-play
  • The Daily Life Of:
  • Sanctuary of Truth
  • Storytellers
  • Location Role-play
    • Residential Role-play 
    • Zone Role-play
  • Event Role-play
  • Mission Role-play
  • Custom Role-play
  • Private Role-play


We know it might seem like a lot but they're fairly easy to understand. We'll start off by explaining the main ones.

Chapter Role-play

This is the main role-play and where the server role-play takes place here. It's where everyone comes together to participate in the story. The Role-play is divided into chapters and often branches out from there. It is a great place to interact with other characters! So make sure you hop on in when the chapter is up!


Chapter role-plays are held in the 📖CHAPTER ROLEPLAY📖 category.


In this role-play you will need to use the Role-play Profile. 


As obvious as it is, it must be mentioned that this role-play is Canon.

Chapter Mapping

Some Chapters requires Mapping. It is fairly easy to use, you have 4 directions: Up, Down, Right, Left. Unless you're solo traveling, you will need to discuss with your team to decide which direction to move towards. You will encounter different elements as you move along the map as you can see in the example below.

The Daily Life Of:

This is a short Canon role-play where characters can interact with one another outside of the Chapter. Role-plays are pre-set and there are 4 types of Daily Life role-play depending on who they interact with.


  • Ethiopia: - Unknown Identity -
  • Pillars: The Head of the Organization. 
  • Guardians: The Commanders. If you don't know them then you better get to reading The Guardians & The Ophion!
  • Voliquia: Minor NPCs.
  • Volis: Interaction between Characters.


For this Role-play, you will need to create a Profile with Siri. DM the Bot c/character and follow the steps. You can role-play using the profile you've created by typing c/{character name} text in the channel.

Sanctuary of Truth

For this Role-play you will need a SOT Key which can be purchased in the Shop.


This Role-play is intended for Characters to be able to converse with The Guardians. You can ask them any question or perhaps try to inquire information from your Guardian. This does come at a price though so choose your question wisely! You can only ask ONE question PER Key spent. After your question's been asked, you can choose ONE of the rewards below:


  • Eternal Blessing
  • Gold Coin
  • Guardian's Regalia
  • Unyielding Fortitude
  • Tales Of Phanes
  • Disciple's Badge


Specify which Item you want in a separated message under your question. Your reward will be given after your question has been answered. 


If you don't know what these Items are, you can check them out in the Item page.


This uses Siri and is considered Canon.


This is where you can write a story about your character and their perspective as they accompany the main story. Your very own channel to display your character!

Location Role-play

Role-play with Pre-Set locations. There are 3 Pre-Set Role-plays.

Zone Role-play

Role-plays are divided into Zones. The environment is Pre-Set.


To enter the Zone, simply Type "Join Zone {Number}" in the Zone Access Channel. You will be able to view the Channels in the the Zone that you have joined. You can also choose to leave the Zone by typing in the Channel "Leave Zone {Number}".


This Role-play is Canon and also uses Siri.

Residential Role-play

This is your character's home. It allows you to invite character into your role-play and remove them from the channel after they've left. They will still be able to view the role-play, however, they will be unable to type in it.


You can either use Siri or your Role-play Profile. 

Event Role-play

This is where Event Role-plays are held. Just for some fun time! 😂


This either uses Siri or the Role-play Profile.

Mission Role-play

Take your character on an adventure. Do some quests and earn rewards.


This role-play uses Role-play Profile. 

Custom Role-play

Consider this as your individual RP or your RP starter. This role-play is not private though as others will still be able to see it. 


You can either use Siri or your Role-play Profile. 

Private Role-play

This Role-play is private. No one else can view this but you and the role-players you add in the channel. 


This uses the Role-play Profile.


You can either use Siri or your Role-play Profile.