Server Features

Let others know when you're away!

Use: .afk -d [duration(s,m,h,d,w)] {reason}


s=second | m=minute |  h=hour | d=day | w=week.


So when someone tags you, the bot will automatically tell them that you're away for the amount of time you set.

Want to make a suggestion?

Use: .suggest <suggestion>


Simply run the command, make your suggestion and Alexa will do the rest.

Need to discretely report a member?

Create a help ticket in #🎫support-ticket to privately report the user or react to their message using the emote displayed in the image. This will send a report to our mod-log where Staffs can review the case. Alexa will even record their conversation that you reported! 

Tired of Discord's plain quote? Use ours!

Copy the message link of the message you wish to quote, send it to the chat and voila! You got a beautiful quote made by yours truly, Alexa!

Want to share a funny moment with the rest of the members?

Give the message a 😂 reaction. This will pin it in#🤣lmao. Now everyone can laugh at it too!

X-Men have special powers!

@❌X-MEN lets you delete bot messages or messages that aren't yours! Comes in handy when you need to delete your assumed bot's message. 

Need a countdown for something special... or not so special...

Use.countdown (timer) reason!

Alexa will count for you!

Want to share a special moment with everyone?

React with a ❤️ to show it some love! This will pin the message in #💓love. Now everyone knows of your affection!