The Lore

The Origin: {“Our universe started evolving and expanding thousands of years ago, following the Great Discovery. “Khaos” was arranged by the light.”} {“The place and role of our planet in this galaxy and the universe is observed by the scientists, and they’ve found indications about the secret harmony of the universe. Observations revealed that chaos transforms into order, that matter and energy is identical, and that chaos follows a path that is preplanned. An explosion of light in the dark of time: That’s what the root and cosmogony of the universe is. Humanity is searching for the truth and the creative force of God with their pursuit of information. The search for truth is actually to search for, and try to depict, the self-universe within humanity under the leadership of intelligence and science. The universe is not stagnant; it has a dynamic structure, and it’s ever growing. It’s cooling down, becoming thinner and refined, and turning simple structures into more complex ones. It’s transforming the ”plain” into the ”complex”. The history of the universe is the history of the matter that is ever-building.”}

The Lore: Year 999: {'It appeared in the sky... There, it ripped open space and left a dark gaping hole behind.'} {'Life began pouring out of darkness, whatever it touched, wherever it touched, the darkness became light.'} The Great Rift: Everything started when a team of scientists began conducting researches on the space they called “The Great Rift', a distortion of space that had presumably been created by a being that descended from 'Heaven'. It split open space and through it, energy began to pour. This energy was later named 'Phanes', meaning he who reveals. Phanes is a powerful energy, anything it touches regains longevity, anywhere it reaches life flourished. When the scientists took notice of the effect this energy had on its environment, they grew ambitious. No longer were they the observers, but the creators of the divine blessings they sought to obtain. The Blessings of the energy that will be the cure to all known diseases. They took on the role of the inevitable. The Gods that will decide the humans fate. 


They ran tests on animals to observe their reactions to the energy. The result was unexpected and unfortunate, rather than improving the animals’ condition, the energy mutated them into mindless beasts, into things the scientists could not control, those were given the name 'Omicrons'. However, despite their many failures and the constant set back from every experiment, the scientists were determined to reach their goal. And so, they changed tactics. They no longer experimented on animals. The scientist chose a species that they deemed as befitting of their ambitions. A species with intellect and were superior to all species in every aspect. The Humans. But just as previous results, the experiments showed no improvement. Not even a species they deemed as greater than the ones they have tested on could give them a good result. That was until a special kind of human appeared. One with a stronger mental power, with an extraordinary will to survive their experiment. Needless to say, he was tested on. The result they obtained from the subject was far better than what they had previous created, but of course, it was not perfect. Despite the Omicron having shown signs of intelligence, they deemed it a failure. It did not look human so to them, it was merely an Omicron with a human mind.


To reward the Omicron for it's accomplishment in surviving their testing. They gave it a name. 'Project 0', officially classified as an Omicron with little intellect. Unbeknownst to them all, it understood their words. Their actions were clear. Their intentions hostile. It knew it's tormentors and had acknowledge them as such. Merely observing the pitiful humans and their attempt to escape Death. While the humans destroyed the hopes of many Omicrons. The 'Incomplete', otherwise known as the 'Failure' (Project 0), had given the Scientist hope that there was a true success lying ahead of their many hardships. They just had to overcoming them, by sacrificing thousands of lives, just a few thousand more... they will surely reach their goal. The pure goal that they once had. To help those who cannot help themselves, to cure those so no one should have watch their loved ones suffer. It had become tainted by greed, they morals lost, their experiments long became unethical. Then one day. The false Gods had obtained their remedy to immortality. After years of torments, they finally achieved their goal. They created the first Project (Subject), with the appearance of a human and a power that was beyond any human's capability. Again, they rewarded their Accomplishment with a name. They named her 'Breeder', a name that would reflect its purpose.


With the new discovery, The Scientists split the project into two, the 'Reproduction Project', a breeding project by using the ones they had created and the 'God Project', the project with the purpose of producing more Projects by using the humans they had harvested. Suspicions began to rise as the humans starting to disappear off the streets, cases of missing people were piling which drew the attention of many investigators.They looked into the cases and found that all the evidence had pointed to the pharmaceutical company which at the time, was known for creating 'miracle' drugs for incurable diseases. The investigators presented the case as well as evidence to the judges to seek their approval to conduct an investigation on the location. Once the case had been approved, the investigators took hold of the permit and raided the facility. What they discovered shocked the nation. The scientists had been running illegal experiments on humans. They had committed an unforgivable crime and so, they must be punished. The police and their enforcers had immediately shut down the facility, the scientists were imprisoned and punished for their heinous crimes. The Projects were freed and taken to a safe location. There, they would be promised safety and freedom. And they were... safe and free... But all good things must come to an end. The was no such thing as their ever lasting happiness in this world fill with humans.


When the secret of the Projects extraordinary capability was revealed to the public.The humans' views changed. They no longer saw them as victims but as monster that should have never come into existence. And, they were treated as such. They began selling them as tools and slaves, since the law hadn't given the Projects any human rights. Instead, they were given the rights of 'objects'. The right to exist and be used. And, the humans had made sure to use them well. They had used them as tools in their warfares, some traded them as slaves to the sick-minded and once they no longer served any purpose, they were left to rot and perish outside the walls, just like all tools. Despite having been on different from the humans, the Projects were treated in the cruelest ways possible. In truth, it was their fear of the unknown, their fear of the Projects incomprehensible power that had drove to suppress the Projects. They fear that the monsters would one day rise to claim their freedom and there would be nothing the humans can do to stop them. Since birth the Projects were taught to obey the humans. They were their 'Creators', their 'Gods', the ones who had given them life. Their reason for existing. Without the humans, the Projects would not survive. It was the reason why the projects hadn't fought, even when abused, mistreated and beyond, they crumbled at their feet. They believed that they had no power.


All hope seemed lost for the projects until one of them found the courage to stand before his master, He, who raised his fists against his masters broke the chains that bound him, his freedom and every single Project on Gi. He had given them back their freedom, their hope and their will to live on. To the Projects, he was their King. A symbol of Freedom. A symbol of Life and Power. He became their only God. Not the humans, not the creators. Once the King had gathered enough Projects to wage war, he and his troops traveled from cities to cities conquering and destroying what the humans called 'homes'. They were merciless, just as the humans had been. They remembered it all, the ways they were tortured and they certainly remembered the faces of the ones who had wronged them. They had made sure to pay them back in full. What the humans feared finally became a reality. The soldiers they had created, the ones they collared and chained, put down for disobedience had broken their chains and through blood and tears of the guilty and the innocents, they obtained their freedom. This was the beginning of the Project Era. Humanity never stood a chance. In merely a few spans (Days), the King had conquered all the lands the humans had owned. They took them all with greed, and with those, they built their Empire, on piles of corpses and graves.


They created a Kingdom where rights were given to all Projects, while the humans fell from their thrones and were cast outside the walls. The walls they had built centuries ago to keep the Projects and the disastrous beings they had brought into this world from their homes. Now, it became theirs. At the very top sat the King, he alone governed the Empire. The red glow on his mark signified the tremendous power he held. A true born of high power. Or, perhaps it had dyed red from all the blood he had soaked in during his battles. Nonetheless, he was the strongest out of all the Projects and none dared to defy him. ​ The King later, appointed The Originals as his commanders, his sworn brothers who had bravely fought alongside him during the wars against the humans. As for the Projects, they had scattered throughout the lands. They began building their villages and further expanded them into cities on other continents. All cities were built with walls to separate them from the humans. This, inevitably, created many hardships for the humans as they were left unsheltered, with no food, clothes, nor weapons to defend themselves against the many threats that lurked outside the walls.


In their struggle for survival, the humans turned to stealing from the weaker Projects, those who traveled from cities to cities as merchants. Several times they succeeded in gathering supplies for their starving families. But on one unfortunate occasion, they took from the wrong project. Unlike the Projects, the humans had no way to identify the Projects' dynamic. They had no power, no marks that would resonate with another and that was how they mistook a Beta, the second strongest dynamic for a Theta, the eighth in all ranks. That Beta spared none. He slaughtered them all and had immediately reported the matter to The Originals who were in charge of matters concerning the Empire in the King's absence. Some deemed this act as a grave crime, despite none of the Projects having been harmed. The humans still dared to defy them and so, they must be punished. The Originals issued an execution for all relatives of the thieves, all humans' homes were also to be destroyed in order to make an example out of them.That would ensure that in the near future, no humans would ever dare to defy them again. The order was to be carried out had it not been for the King's sudden return to the capital. He heard of the humans' misdeeds and had immediately returned to the kingdom. He knew that his commanders would listen to his people, an execute will ensue and the humans will be punished for the crime they had committed out of pure desperation. Was it not the same for the Projects? They once starved and we often punished for their disobedience in the past. The humans deserved mercy.


The King overruled their decisions. He dismissed the case and had ordered his loyal servants to send food and medicines for the humans. ”If they had food and are free of sickness then they would have no need to steal.” Claimed the King. The Projects had of course, protested against his decision but he was their King, the absolute. His decision had been made and that cannot be changed, unless they wish to issue a challenge for his throne. None dared to step forward, they all knew the King's wrath and more than anything wished to avoid it. The King's mercy did not end there, he not only sent the humans food and medicine but also named them the Iotas, the tenth. With this law, the humans had become a part of their species. Many were angered by the change but once again, there was nothing they could do. The King was powerful and the projects worshiped power above all. All they could do then was bow their heads, all the while questioning the King's loyalty towards his people. They thought him human. His actions seen as disgrace to his own kind and slowly they began to lose faith in him. And he was aware. He could feel their growing hatred towards him. Had it not been for his loyal companions, his sworn brothers' constant reminder to him that his decisions were just, and that it had been the right thing to do, the King would have fallen into madness.


To keep peace within the kingdom, the King returned to his castle and there he remained. No one was to see him, none were permitted to enter his palace, not even The Originals. Suspicion began to rise. They thought it strange for the King to lock himself within his own castle but none dared to venture in, no one except for one overly curious servant of his. That day the servant sneaked into the King's castle while he was away attending important matter regarding the empire. His finding had shocked the entire Kingdom. The King had found himself a human woman and for years, he kept this a secret from his people. Once again, they felt betrayed by him. The King they once worshiped and held as their 'God' had lost his way. The Projects wished death upon their Queen, the Queen, whose existence, they had no knowledge of until today. The Originals had to come to a decision. They must decide if they are to listen to their people and stay loyal to the King. The few agreed to punish the Queen for tainting the King's bloodline while the others remained loyal to the King despite his past questionable actions. They had not lost faith in him. So they fought for him. They tried to reason to his people.. ''The woman you wish death upon is our Queen by law.'' One spoke. ''She has a child with her, we don't kill children.'' Another came to his aid. ''We are not bloody murderers. The humans are living creatures just like us.'' Proclaimed Ballad. ''Humans have neither gender or age.'' Zef, the King's blood brother announced.


Despite The Originals have shared the same position, it was the King's blood brother who truly had a say in important matters such as these. He had the higher power and the voice to command his people. And so, the murderers took hold of their swords and on they marched, to death's door. The Originals who were still loyal to the King bravely fought for their Queen, but outnumbered they soon met their deaths. When the King returned to his castle, a gruesome scene awaited him. His oath brothers were taken by Cerberus, his daughter laid lifelessly in his Queen's embrace and his unborn son... Dead in his mother's womb. He demanded answers from Zef, his twin brother. The one to grow old with him, the one who fought alongside him, his beloved brother who took away his last strand of happiness, Why he would take the lives of his own brothers, the lives of innocent children, the female whose smile he will never see again. Zef's admission.... drove the King into madness. ''I wanted to see if a pregnant human would bleed red, that was all, dear brother.'' He knew that his wife had been carrying a child, yet he chose to kill them regardless. No, they chose to kill them. Just what had his people become. If this is sanity, then he would rather succumb to madness. Unsheathing his sword, the King righted all who wronged him. In a single night, he slaughtered half of the Projects population before disappearing into the night, never to be seen, never to be heard of again.


Unbeknownst to all, his son had survived. It crawled out of its mother's womb and on, it lived. It never had a father's protection, never felt a mother's warm embrace, all it knew was the color of blood, and that it fed on. It fed on her like a monster and yet, it was far from it. It took the only gift its parents had given it and used it to survive. More than anything, the new-born was determined to live, to be the hope its mother had wanted it to be. To be the unity of humans and projects. It didn't know how it knew, it just did. He didn't know its name either, but if its mother had been alive, she would have named him 'Elpis', Elpis the Hope. For years, Elpis lived in secrecy. He hid his true identity from the Zef, the monster who betrayed his own brother, the monster who slaughtered his mother in cold blood to merely obtain the title of the King, in fear that he would be killed if discovered. As he grew older, his fear came true. He grew to resemble his father. It was then that Zef's keen eyes took notice of him. He ordered his men to investigate Elpis's past, only to find no origin which only raised more suspicion. Elpis knew that he was in grave danger. He had to flee the city or he would be at death's door.


His wish came true when one of The Originals who had been loyal to his father took him and fled the city, along with his father's remaining followers. At the gate a group of humans awaited them. One of the women introduced herself as his aunt, she later explained that they were scientists who'd started the project, it had meant to be a project to find a cure to all diseases, not to experiment on humans.The project was later stolen from them, which was how the project had come to be what is known today as 'The End of Humanity'.His mother had been the leading scientist on the project, it was how she met his father, the subject she was in charge of at the time. They fell in love and she had given him the courage to fight against the humans. The humans took them to an underground shelter, a large cave with housings made for humans and species alike. The former King had secretly been building this place as a shelter, a place where all living species could live together in harmony and it had been given the name 'Khaos', because through chaos and madness, his parents found love and hope. (Elpis) By the age of 20, Elpis became the King of Khaos. He ruled his Kingdom fairly. Just as his father would have. But his peaceful reign.... did not last. Even if decades had passed, his uncle Zef never stopped searching for him. He continued to terrorize the humans, forcing them to work as his eyes and ears in the slums and in return, he would spare their worthless lives. This brought the humans to Khaos. They begged Elpis to help them to which he firmly denied. There was nothing Elpis could do against Zef. He was too strong, only his father had ever been able to best him in a battle. Elpis knew he would see death if he fought against Zef and so he turned a blind eye to their suffering and had sent them away.


The humans called him selfish for putting himself before his people, had it not been for him they would not suffer. Just like his father, Elpis began to lose the respect of his people. And then one night, Elpis had simply disappeared... Vanished. Just like his father had. He left everything behind, his home, his people, his wife and unborn child. It was then that the enslavement of the humans ended. Zef had ordered all of his Projects to free the humans and to let them live in peace. The reason for the King's sudden change is unknown, but his wife told The Originals that all Elpis had ever wanted was to be remembered and recorded as every project's and human's father, brother and son. As their family. Not as their King. The people came to regret all the words they had said to Elpis, even if no one had told them where Elpis had gone, they all knew in their heart that Elpis had given his life for their freedom. He knew he could not fight Zef so he chose to lay down his life for the sake of his people. {''Others may have left, but I will not. You will encounter many hardships along your path, but let you pray to Elpis, let you pray to Hope. For I will be there in your time of despair.''} To this day, Khaos honors Elpis by honoring his wish: For those who wish, they may grant Elpis' name to their children, they may grant them Hope.

The Present:

Centuries have passed and Khaos continues to be the beacon of hope, a place of union for all species. Its force had grown exponentially over the years. But despite that, it was far weaker than Zef's military force. That was until an unknown Project appeared at Khaos' doorstep. It began assaulting the Betas of Khaos and had forced them into submission. They called him 'The Moros', The Hopelessness and Despair, which is what they felt when they fought against him. Alongside him came a Beta-Alpha child who had taken the liberty to develop Khaos' technology into what it is today, the most technologically advanced organization on Gi. It was only after they'd transformed Khaos into what they wanted it to be that they finally revealed who they were. The Beta, now Alpha project introduced himself as Unknown, the Alpha project with a large bounty on his head due to the things he's done in the past and 'The Moros', The Omicron. Despite having the appearance of a Project, it was an Omicron. Where it came from was a mystery. When questioned about its origin, it had simply told them: ''I just want to know what color The King bleeds, that's all.'' And so, The Omicron became recognized as Khaos' King. He then brought a project into Khaos and had ordered Cosmos to be made, a secret organization controlled by Khaos. The Project is to reign above all. He said. And so, the Project became The Pillar of Cosmos. ​ Unknown was later appointed as the Ruler of Khaos, The Guardians as the commanders and every species that enters Khaos must albeit by their laws.